The firewood approach to business marketing.

In Graphic Design by Duey Entrekin

There’s a house on my way to and from work with a container of cut wood and a hand painted sign reading, “FIREWOOD.” There is no phone number to call, no instructions, no rates published or anything discernible letting the potential customer know how to obtain the firewood. This sign has been crafted, designed and placed on location, in perpetuity, to illicit a response but is it doing enough?

Your business marketing plan sometimes feels the same way but it doesn’t have to. You can’t apply the firewood approach to marketing and drive customers to your business. You can get lucky with a well designed graphic and grab some quick attention but you cannot hope to hold that attention if you don’t adjust your marketing periodically.

I remember many late college nights, working on projects while skimming late night tv in the background, when the actual programming turned to infomercials. One of those program’s tagline has stuck with me forever. Ron Popeil’s tagline for a rotisserie that he always projected with enthusiasm. “Set it and forget it,” he would emphasize.

Your business marketing can’t be something you throw out like a cast net and pray for the best. You can’t simply set it and forget it. You need to be tailoring each campaign for a specific audience and a specific goal. It needs to grow and adjust to your business’ changing needs.

Every time I drove past the sign for the firewood I would think of how much more business could be gained if the firewood sign hadn’t been set and forgot. How much more business could they receive if they spelled out their hours, rates or left a way to contact the owner for answers. Perhaps the “honor system” in place (I only assume this is the case) was more than enough supplemental income for them.

If you are serious about your business’ success, you need to take a serious look at your marketing and social media platforms and ask yourself, “have I just set them up and forgot about them?” When are ready to do more for your business and see measureable results, I hope you seek out a professional marketer for insight and advice.

Pigment Studios would love to talk to you about your marketing plans and goals for the rest of the year to determine if you could make some adjustments and see more measureable results.